R.U.G.S is different from any other product available, and on the market today by integrating all the necessary aspects and methods of abundance and prosperity to change lives. Many may or may not be aware of the “Laws of Attraction” and manifestation. These are methods celebrities use in order to gain abundance and prosperity in their lives, as well as create the life they desire from what is known as a blank canvas.

After hearing many of my favorite artist sing/rap about it, as well as watch interviews from some of my favorite actors/actress, I began to study manifestation. I invested in products from known and celebrity manifestation teachers, as well as watch free videos and research the topic from the same. I took courses, and soon realized that each individual had something unique to add to their research. Something left out by someone else I had studied from. The more I learned, the more I researched and applied to my life.

I began practicing manifestation and “The Laws of Attraction”, and realized within the matter of weeks that it really works. Ay some point, I grew tired of applying the methods daily and gave up. Yes, it was working, but it took a lot of work to change my life and to manifest the things I desired. I no longer cared if I got my ex back or not, I  no longer cared about winning on scratchers on a daily basis in order to put money in my pocket. I was tired of constantly applying manifestation methods multiple times a day.

Once I grew tired of this, I turned to God and the scriptures instead. I grew up in a religious family, even both my grandfathers being Pastors, but stirred away from church and God’s teachings. When I turned to God, I assumed manifestation wasn’t of God, and decided to retire it, in which I thought would be permanent. Yet, the more I read the scriptures, the more I realized God speaks of manifestation throughout the scriptures, as well as several manifestation methods.

When I realized the scriptures teach about manifestation, I began applying it with Gods laws and teachings.

This time, I was manifesting more rapidly, and bigger things. For example, I was blessed with a vehicle. Not only this, the things I needed and desired began to show up in my life. Some things I asked for, others I hadn’t asked for but needed.

For that reason, I created R.U.G.S GUIDE 2 ABUNDANCE. The point of R.U.G.S is to teach all a person need to know in order to manifest the things in which they need and desire. With most products, the person may teach manifestation, another may teach the power of the brain and tongue, another may teach you how to manifest using “The Laws of Attraction”.

This is what makes R.U.G.S different. In our product packages, you receive all you need to know in regards to manifestation, “The Laws of Attraction”, and how to please God to ensure your wants, needs, desires, and prayers are answered. This saves you money, and keep you from purchasing multiple products from different individuals. All you need to know about manifestation, visualization, the power of the brain and tongue, as well as applying God in your life in one product package.

When you learn all of these things and begin to apply them in your life, you can change your life for the better, and create the life in which you want and desire.




In the song, Big Sean says, “these gold chains I manifested it”.


Kanye West states, “Before I had it I closed my eyes and imagined it”.



Jim Carey shares how he manifested his success and check for “Dumb and Dumber”

Jim Carrey reveals the Secret of how he manifested $10 million when he was broke









My entire life, I’ve had what I thought was a keen intuition. I noticed not only what I would say would come to past, but my dreams would come to past as well. Eventually, I began seeing visions as clear as day, in which these too were situations that had taken place. I was raised in a Christian family, and forced to go to Church, but as I got older, I had enough of Church, and chose not to attend. Even then, things would still come to me, in which I would always share. I always felt the need to express whatever it was oppose to holding it back and keeping it to myself.

I remember dreaming my dad was shot, and a few days later, my God Father was shot.

I remember my mom’s cousin whom I consider my aunt, married a man from Ghana. This man brought a woman down to California whom he said was his cousin. I was in middle school at the time, but I remember running to my mother as soon as I laid eyes on this woman and telling my mother that’s his wife, not his cousin. A couple of years later, the woman set up staff infection, and was admitted into the hospital. It turned out, this was his wife, not his cousin as I had stated.

I dreamed of my grandmother who was deceased telling me to take care of those babies, a couple of days later, my cousin called and asked me to take her children because she couldn’t afford to take care of them.

Throughout a twelve year relationship, I would often dream of my partner leaving me for someone specifically, and right before we reached twelve years, about two months before, my partner left for the person I had dreamed of all those years.

Once, while watching, “KINGS OF COMEDY” with my partner, I seen their brother in a hotel room with a woman that wasn’t his wife. I told my partner your brother is cheating on his wife. The very next day while trying to give away kittens, my partner called her sister-in-law to see if she wanted a kitten, and she told my partner that her husband, in which is my partners brother, had been cheating.

I remember sitting at the table with a group of friends, and was able to tell them the exact order they would become pregnant.

There was a time a friend had a ring on her finger. I told her it was stolen, in which she did not believe me. A couple of weeks later, her boyfriend’s sister walked up to her and said, “My mom has been looking for her ring”.

Another friend was dating a guy and I seen a girl with the guy’s name on her hand with a heart circled around it. There could have been plenty of gentlemen with his name, yet, I knew for certain the guy was cheating on my friend, and indeed he was.

There were times I felt my partner was up to no good, but had no proof. Somehow, I would know where to go to find the proof, or what to say to get the truth out.

After my partner left, I felt the person she was with was no good. I was able to tell my partner about the criminal record before laying eyes on it. When I laid eyes on it, all that I said was there was indeed there.

I can go on and on about times I was able to predict things, including my grandmothers death. Both of them actually.

I’ve studied a lot of things, and had a lot of people interested in me. It took time, but I see why they thought I was indeed special.

One night, listening to music, a voice spoke to me loud and clear and said to me, “You are my prophet”. I began crying and thinking I was going crazy at the time due to living by myself for a few months, in which I had never lived alone. I also knew I was lonely. Yet, the voice began to break everything down for me going back to my childhood. Once this took place, as well as me thinking about the numerology and astrology readings I had received, I realized this was in fact true.

The voice began dictating things for me to write. Eventually, a couple of months later, I began to read the scriptures of “the Holy Bible”. I had never went back and read all that I had written for the voice. One day, when I decided to go back and read all that the voice had said, I realized I had written what was in the scriptures though I had never read the bible before.

This made me even more sure of the accuracy of the voice. Though this voice had led me my entire life, I doubted due to fear. Eventually, the fear subsided, and I realized that I just needed to change my ways and take heed to the voice due to the fact that it had never led me wrong before.


You see, God knew what he was doing. Before turning to God, I had studied astrology, numerology, and even began pulling tarot cards. One of my friends said to me,
The cards seem to always hold true for you”. God had done this so when the day came that he revealed himself to me as the voice that had been guiding, I wouldn’t doubt it, but instead believe it, and be able to reflect on it.

We are all put here with a mission in life. Some of us are aware of this mission while others aren’t. Once the voice began speaking to me, I realized again, what I had been pulling the cards was of accuracy. A card I would pull consistently stated I was humanity’s way to salvation. When I first began pulling this card, I didn’t take heed to it. I felt it was something I didn’t understand.

Once the voice began speaking to me, the voice let me know I had learned all I learned to teach to others but incorporate God in the teachings, for God is all that is. Meaning, everything is God, and God is everything. We too often try to separate God from things, a great example of this is science and the big bang theory. Yet, God was so perfect and advanced, he left behind scientific proof of biblical events, knowing there would come a generation who would believe in science. We are that generation.

For this reason, I have created what I call R.U.G.S GUIDE 2 ABUNDANCE. This is RELIGION, UNIVERSE, GOD, and SPIRITUALITY. Through all I have learned, and see that it truly works, I have combined it with God and scriptures in order for everyone to realize God is the way. YAHWEH, NOT YOUR WAY.

Below, you’ll find pieces from my astrology and numerology reports so you can better understand who I am, as well as how numerology and astrology can assist you as well in understanding yourself better, and what you were put here to do. My reasons for sharing my personal information with you is so you that you get to know me and open yourself to me and why I’m doing this. Also, you’ll understand why you can trust my writings I put out, understanding this isn’t something I chose, but instead was forced on me, and something within my soul and spirit I have no way of fighting. As you’ll see, I love the arts. I am actually a film student and script writer. I have also made music and put it on sound cloud. Yet, my calling in life and my destiny in life is this. Promoting Gods word, and guiding others to it as well. This doesn’t mean I won’t make the movies and music I have intended to created, but instead I will direct the movies and music towards God and spirituality in order to continue to serve God in all I do.


You are a nurturer and a protector, and are prone to what has sometimes been referred to as the “Atlas Syndrome:” carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You take your responsibilities to others very seriously and often take on more than your share of their troubles as well.
Your strengths include depth of feeling, patience and generosity

Loyal, devoted, and sentimental, you tend to cling to whatever is dear to you, be it person, familiar place, or cherished possession.

You function in an instinctive, intuitive manner and like to immerse yourself in creative activities where you can express your feelings, imagination and instincts.

Your compassion, sensitivity and imagination are your strong points

Cautious, prudent, and rather self-contained, you are a person who approaches life realistically and who is not inclined to take foolish chances or get carried away by the overly optimistic or idealistic schemes of starry-eyed dreamers. In fact, you frequently have a jaundiced view of such things. You are rather worldly-wise at a fairly young age,

Mercury Opposition Ascendant: You are very highly verbal and communicative. Connecting with and talking to other people are key aspects of your personality.

Pluto Sextile Ascendant: You have penetrating insight into people and a keen eye and ear for the hidden, unspoken, behind-the-scenes elements in life.

You have a soft exterior and tend to relate very personally and sympathetically to other people.

You are highly interested in inner, subjective, and personal issues, and your thinking is based more on feelings, intuition, personal experiences

You are empathic and would be an excellent counselor, for you are a sensitive listener and deeply interested in a person’s feelings and inner life. In addition to psychology, you are drawn to education, art, poetry, music or mythology.

Mercury Conjunct Venus: You appreciate aesthetics and have a fine sense of form, design and beauty. You could develop considerable technical skill as an artist, designer, craftsman or creative writer. You could also sell objects of beauty — artistic products, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.

Mercury Trine Pluto: Your mind is deep and penetrating, and you are interested in anything secret, mysterious, or hidden, including the deeper aspects of the human psyche. You possess an aptitude for private investigation, psychology and research work. You are also drawn to esoteric or occult studies.

You see the world with the eyes of an artist or a poet, and the hard sciences and fields of endeavor based on concrete facts, rules or rigorous logic are not your forte. At times you are able to perceive things that other people do not, the “aura” of a place or a person for instance, while at the same time you apparently do not see and/or overlook things that are glaringly obvious to others.

You believe strongly in the power of positivity and in each individual’s ability to make life anything desired through one’s own initiative and effort.

Public relations or any field involving communications and sharing information also suits you very well.


Neptune Sextile Midheaven: You have two different career paths that appeal to you, and which may at some point be blended. The first has to do with the arts, entertainment, film or music industries. The other is an involvement in tYou have a powerful sense of destinyhe ministry, social betterment, charity or volunteer work.

You are part of a 14 year group of people who are conservative and traditional in spiritual aspirations and religious outlook.

Compassionate and extremely sensitive to the emotional tones in the atmosphere surrounding you, you are naturally “psychic” or able to sense and understand much about a person without talking to them or knowing them consciously at all.

Neptune Sextile Pluto: The entire generation to which you belong has tremendous opportunities for spiritual rebirth and awakening. This will not be forced upon you or precipitated by unavoidable events; rather, it comes from an inner yearning and a natural propensity to seek the depths.


Taking the risk of letting down your guard and revealing vulnerability is necessary for tapping into your rich reservoir of creativity and enhancing your intuition. Emotional wounds from the past can be used as fuel for creative expression, and through this process, can be healed.

You feel inspired by success stories, so seek out movies and biographies about creative people you respect and admire who were able to achieve their dreams.

Your lunar-ruled Muse speaks to you through your intuition and dreams.

Your sensitivity and compassion are valuable creative resources. You have the ability to feel your way into different characters, giving you a talent for acting or writing fiction.

Your healing creative energy nurtures and sustains life, and inspires people to feel the depths of emotion. Cancer the Crab represents the archetype of the Great Mother, the all-powerful creator goddess who both gives and takes away life.





















We as humans fear the unknown. If we had the capability to know what each door had behind it and what each day holds, we would surely take advantage of it not to miss a beep. What we lack is faith and trust. If we were to have faith and believe we would see changes in our life. The changes we actually yearn for and desire.

No matter what science says, science also says that biblical icons were here on our earth with evidence left behind to support this and prove it. If these biblical icons were here, we also know why they were here and who work they were doing. God, the Lord of Host.

We also make the assumption that the scriptures were developed for past generations, and not us. This is not the case. The scriptures states that the word is forever.  Yet and still, we lack understanding and the necessity of Gods word. So much so, we fail to honor it.

I took notice as to how real and alive God is.  Once I began honoring Gods word, I saw my life change in a very limited time.  I began to see blessings poor in my life. God is waiting for us to turn to him and away from our own misguided understanding. His arms are open as he awaits for all his children to seek him whole heartly and hearken unto his voice. Not only his voice, but his word.

Some often wonder the way to heaven which is also in the scriptures. The way is to uphold the commandments and give to the needy and poor. Jesus stated this when asked by a young ruler.

It’s time for a change, and that change is through God.

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If someone were to ask you when it comes to God or you considered a hypocrite or no you’re not; You walk in his statues and keep and honor the covenant, what’s the answer? Before answering, are you aware of the definition of a hypocrite? At times, we may think we know what something mean, but the definition turns out to be beyond our thoughts.


a person who pretends to have virtues, moralor religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he orshe does not actually possess, especially aperson whose actions belie stated beliefs.

 person who feigns some desirable or publiclyapproved attitude, especially one whose privatelife, opinions, or statements belie his or herpublic statements.

The definition of hypocrite was found at:


You may be someone completely unaware of the what the covenant is, or you may be someone who knows, but still, don’t walk complete in its light. The truth is, the covenant is the way to deliverance, repentance, and prosperity on earth, and in heaven. It seems this generation is far from God and Jesus Christ, and need to be found before we find ourselves caught up in what we don’t want to be in due time. In order to find true happiness and freedom, you also need to know this is found in the covenant, as well as in the statues of God and teaching of Christ our Savior.

So, what exactly is the covenant? The covenant is simply “The Ten Commandments”. God mentions the covenant in the doctrine. It is referred to as the covenant with Moses. Also, in the doctrine, a rich ruler ask Jesus Christ the way to eternity and to heaven. Jesus quoted a few of the “Ten Commandments” to the rich ruler. The Ruler replied, “I’ve done that”.  Jesus then told him to sell all his belongings and give to the poor. This, the Ruler was sad about. This shows truly that he had not kept the covenant. His possessions were his pride and joy, this means, that this he idolized, yet God says in “The Ten Commandments”, have no other God before him.

What does this have to do with a hypocrite?

There are so many who promise up and down that they are of God, and they do what’s right. Meaning, they are just and righteous. Yet, so many of us do not honor “The Ten Commandments”. We try, but tend to slip and stray away. Yet, time and time again, we swear that we are of God. How can you be of God without honoring the covenant that is stressed to be honor. I’ve also noticed that there’s churches who preach through grace and mercy you will be saved, but yet, they leave out the important factor which is the covenant. Could this also be why the New Testament is constantly taught, excluding the Old Testament unless referring a scripture. Not only this, in order to have God, you cannot deny Jesus Christ, and many of us deny our savior. Some of us assuming he was never here. It’s funny, scientific evidence proves that Moses was here, and particles found in the Red Sea supports the doctrine. If Moses was here, and such a miraculous event took place, how can we deny God, Jesus, or the scriptures.

Many also believe the scriptures contradict themselves. I agree with this, and that’s due to the fact that we in flesh are corrupt, and the scriptures were corrupted as the world went on. People who were “HEAD, and IN CHARGE”, examined things taking place in the world, and decided in order to control it, change the scriptures. While doing this, they forgot to read the entire bible, and by not doing so, there are contradictions. A way to look at this is the DEAD SEA SCROLLS.

If you’re not familiar with this, it’s scrolls of scriptures. These scrolls are identical to some of the scriptures in the Holy Bible. In these scrolls, it was discovered that Jesus referred to Mary Magdalene as his wife. Yet, we see her as just a prostitute whom demons were cast out of. Not only that, there was a time when a woman who was named an adulterous was caught with someone’s husband, and the people wanted to stone her to death. Yet, Jesus stood and said, “Let he without sin cast the first stone”. At this point, all stones were dropped. And when Jesus looked up, these people were gone. There was another prostitute in the Bible, who hid some of God’s men. She too, was not destroyed.  Can you see how the scriptures were changed. God himself is not a hypocrite, but he is the truth, the light, and the way.  Would he have contradicted his own words in order to confuse us, and leave us clueless on the right path to take? NO WAY, NO HOW.

I have seen God work in my life on many occasions. I have spoke to him, asked questions, and through sings, voice, or scriptures he has sent me to, I’ve found my answer. Since completely walking with God, I have watched my life and luck change for the better in just two months time. Yet, prior to turning to God in my affliction, I continued to be burdened. Once I devoted time and my heart to God, the affliction, oppression, confusion, distress, was lifted from me, and instead, blessing began to rain in. Even at times when I was in major distress, stuck, but kept my faith, without opening my mouth, the blessings came. With prayer, the blessings came. Through tears, the blessings came.


We first need to stop being hypocrites who believe in God, but I guess not his words. Maybe this is the reason we seem to “SAY WE ARE BELIEVERS, BUT AREN’T DOERS”. This too is in the scriptures. God says, “do not be hear sayers of the word, but be doers of the word”. When you actually follow the word, and keep the covenant, you quickly learn how much God can affect your life, and how strong is right hand he emphasizes on is.

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One day, being curious as to what my favorite songs were talking about, I researched “The Laws of Attraction” and manifestation.  In doing so, I gathered a lot of valuable information, but I also realized valuable information was always left out. Each industry leader I studied from had an additional tip and/or method to utilize when manifesting. I took notes, and practiced each way I had learned. It didn’t take much time for me to realize how easy and real manifesting and “The Laws of Attraction” are. While manifesting, I also came to learn that in order to continue to bring your desires and intentions to reality, you will have to continuously manifest. For me, this became dreading, and I got to the point where I just didn’t care. I was tired of visualization a couple of times a day, I was tired of writing my intentions a few times daily, I was tired of everything but listening to affirmations.

During a time of despair, I remember falling to my knees, my palms pressed against the wall, and I cried out to God. The little voice that has always dwelled within me said, “Open the bible and read”. I had never turned to the bible though I believed in God and Jesus Christ. This night, I was out of options. When I opened the bible, the scripture in front of me as a prayer from the Book Of Psalms. As I read it, I knew without a shadow of a doubt even more than before that God was real, alive, and listening. The scripture was about someone falling to their knees and crying out to God in their affliction. They asked God to open his ear to them, and relieve them of their enemies. The more I read, the more I knew God had sent me to the scripture for courage and to strengthen my face. After that night, I read the entire book of Psalms within a week or two weeks time. After finishing up Psalms, I continued to read the scriptures in the biblical doctrine.

A couple of weeks after deciding to follow Gods commands and keep the covenant, I notice my life begin to change for the better. I went from no job to having a job, I was offered a position I was interested in but was unable to start months prior, My neighbors begin bringing me food without me having to ask for it.  A matter of fact, this happened about one minute after reading a scripture that states, “When you open your heart to God, and keep his commands, he will deliver your needs before you ask. Within a month of committing myself to keep God’s commands, I was blessed with a vehicle. I had been walking for seven months, and the month I turn my ways to God, I was blessed with a car I didn’t ask for. Someone decided to speak to a car salesman for me. Through the blessing and will of God, Lord of Host, the car salesman agreed to give me a vehicle with no money down, and minimum payments of $75 weekly.  It didn’t take much time for me to open my eyes to the fact that true divine and rapid manifestation is through God. God is quoted saying in the scriptures, “What he gives cannot be up rooted”. This takes me back to the point of constantly manifesting multiple times a day, but when God is on your side, even what you think privately will show up in your life. The thing is, your desires cannot be vain. We often think vainly for this is the ways of the flesh, and the ways of God and Jesus Christ are the spirit.

While all of this was taking place in my life, I was also researching my numerology and astrology charts. The deeper I got into God’s word, the more my reading began to make sense. After reading my charts the first couple of times, I felt some of it was off, but most of it was accurate. The fact that I was following God assisted me in opening my eyes, and seeing things with clarity. One of the things I realized was the fact that it was accurate according to my destiny God had laid out for me. Though I wanted to write and make movies, God wanted all my work to be for him, and the way he wanted me to do this work was by teaching. In fact, this is why I’m here today sharing valuable information with you, trying to give you the opportunity of seeing God work miracles in your life as you create the life you desire, and ask God for what you want.

You see, think about it, you always hear people say money don’t buy happiness. You see celebrities have the money, the fame, but seem to sometimes lack love, unable to keep lasting relationships, or just like anyone else, some slip into drug addiction and lose everything. Again, as God was quoted saying, “What he gives cannot be up rooted”. A lot of reason marriages fail is due to the disobedience of the flesh. We tend to fall into sinfulness by committing adultery, coveting, never satisfied with what we have, though we may think we don’t have idols, but anything or anyone we put before God is an idol. For this generation, technology can be an idol.

My goal is to teach you everything you need to know in order to permanently change your life for the better. The only way your life will slip away from you is if you lose yourself in your gain, become prideful, and forget God, the one who has blessed you with it.  If you do your research, you’ll quickly understand how real manifestation is. A matter of fact, I’ve always been someone who felt as if there were real legitimate messages in music, television, and film.  Below, you will find examples and a video link of celebrities talking about using manifestation to get the life they’re living today.


In the song “Blessings” by Big Sean, featuring Drake and Kanye West, there’s a verse when Big Sean says, “These Gold Chains/ I manifested it”.


In the song “Good Life”, Kanye West says, “Before I had it, I closed my eyes and imagined”.






I provided you with proof of what manifestation can do for you in order to give you encouragement and the desire to want more for yourself. We are all in control of our lives, but the thing is, when we use this for the betterment of all in order to please God, Lord of Host, and Jesus Christ, the blessings are abundant, and better than what anyone on earth can give. When you please God, you are wealthy on earth and in heaven. When you manifest with God, and are truly new and reborn in your ways, it won’t take you five years to manifest. The manifestations of your prayers and meditations will be made to you almost immediately. God is the most powerful of all things.

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If you’re familiar with the books of Moses, you may be familiar with the beginning of time. The book of Genesis describing the creation of heaven, earth, animals, plants, trees, and the start of humanity, Adam and Eve.

There are some of us who actually seek to please God, and would love to know how.You hear so many different things, and probably wouldn’t know where to begin looking in the bible; you just throw in the towel. Fortunately, God actually did give the easiest method. The method is “The Ten Commandments”. After reading about a ruler asking Jesus about the way to eternity, and Jesus quoted “The Ten Commandments”, and also told the young rich man to sell all his belongings and give to the poor.

After reading, studying, and interpreting several biblical scriptures, these same commandments are repeated throughout the scriptures along with God’s hate for lust, pride, disobedience, lying tongue, and man taking wrath and revenge by our own hands oppose to leaving things in Gods hands where they belong.


I’ve learned a lot over the years, and applied a lot of it in my life. Doing so, I learned manifestation works. Not only does manifestation and the laws of attraction work, but the fact that it can’t work on someone you love (ex), this isn’t true at all. I manifested my ex to me on several occasions. One day, I decided I didn’t want love that way, but instead, it wanted it to come naturally. This is the reason the songs say, “If you love something let it go. If it comes back that’s how you know it’s yours”. I wonder if God feels this way about us? Maybe we were given free will to find our way back to God, but unfortunately, not many of us do.

I decided to turn to God and the bible. Once I did this, it seemed as if he was working in my life by sending me to the right scriptures at the right time. When I decided I was going to live by “The Ten Commandments”, I confessed this new beginning aloud along with my wrong doings, and my sins. Within a month of changing, I went from no job to having a job, and from walking to having a car. God will work for you as long as you first work for him.

In order to give courage and strength to those lacking it, I created R.U.G.S so God’s creations can know and understand that we were put here with and for a purpose to fulfill. This earth was not created for us to destroy, nor did Jesus dies for us to continue sinning.