About R.U.G.S Developer/Blogger

My name is Ronne D. Washington, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, currently risiding about an hour from Los Angeles. My journey began some the day I was born, but I’ll save that story for another time. I would hate to spoil a good read for those who have invested, or plan to invest in R.U.G.S ebook. So, I’ll start with last year.

I’ve never enjoyed working under other people, but I felt there was no other way due to lack of funds and resources. People are always saying it’s about who you know. This is true in some sense, but not nearly completely authentic. To give you a brief overview, I’ve always had a really good intuition. I’ve also had dreams that has come to past. Now, to last year, I was working, but felt burdened and miserable. I eventually began taking this anger out on my parter of twelve years, and complaining about the situation of being limited inlife, and unable to chase dreams. While working I began to see the number 333 on a daily basis. I was even making calls at this time on a daily basis. A times, either 333, or 777 was my change back from merchants/cashiers.

I’m the type that needs answers, so I sought them out, and while learning what the numbers meant, I clicked on a numerology ad, and this changed my life, opeing my eyes up to so much I didn’t realize about myself, or rather knew deep down inside, but had never come to terms with. I was always a fan of numerology, so I began digging into that more. At some point, I began pulling tarot cards online, and NO, I am no witch, never have been, and do not know how to perform the craft. I was just someone who wanted answers, and was looking for them everywhere I could.

I soon came to notice how accurate the cards were. I repetitively pulled a card that stated, “A breakup was coming.” A breakup did come, my partner of twelve years left.

About four after my partner left, I began receiving opportunities to work for myself by taking trainings, and investing. I did this. About five months after my partners departure, I began to hear a loud voice within. This voice took me back to my past, had me recall my intuition, and all the times I was correct, had me realize that this started at a young age. This voice went on to have me research, and look up the definition of a few things, as well as watch video pertaining to those things. At this point, the things the voice had uttered had become undeniable.

It was this inner voice that led me to develop R.U.G.S. This inner voice was God realization due to me turning to God around the middle of the fifth month of my partners departure. I was serious about God, and learning his words and his ways. I had also studied the laws of attraction and manifestation, in which I know they work. On more than one occasion, that face I wanted to see, and bring in my territory, I was always able to, and still am.