R.U.G.S is different from any other product available, and on the market today by integrating all the necessary aspects and methods of abundance and prosperity to change lives. Many may or may not be aware of the “Laws of Attraction” and manifestation. These are methods celebrities use in order to gain abundance and prosperity in their lives, as well as create the life they desire from what is known as a blank canvas.

After hearing many of my favorite artist sing/rap about it, as well as watch interviews from some of my favorite actors/actress, I began to study manifestation. I invested in products from known and celebrity manifestation teachers, as well as watch free videos and research the topic from the same. I took courses, and soon realized that each individual had something unique to add to their research. Something left out by someone else I had studied from. The more I learned, the more I researched and applied to my life.

I began practicing manifestation and “The Laws of Attraction”, and realized within the matter of weeks that it really works. Ay some point, I grew tired of applying the methods daily and gave up. Yes, it was working, but it took a lot of work to change my life and to manifest the things I desired. I no longer cared if I got my ex back or not, I  no longer cared about winning on scratchers on a daily basis in order to put money in my pocket. I was tired of constantly applying manifestation methods multiple times a day.

Once I grew tired of this, I turned to God and the scriptures instead. I grew up in a religious family, even both my grandfathers being Pastors, but stirred away from church and God’s teachings. When I turned to God, I assumed manifestation wasn’t of God, and decided to retire it, in which I thought would be permanent. Yet, the more I read the scriptures, the more I realized God speaks of manifestation throughout the scriptures, as well as several manifestation methods.

When I realized the scriptures teach about manifestation, I began applying it with Gods laws and teachings.

This time, I was manifesting more rapidly, and bigger things. For example, I was blessed with a vehicle. Not only this, the things I needed and desired began to show up in my life. Some things I asked for, others I hadn’t asked for but needed.

For that reason, I created R.U.G.S GUIDE 2 ABUNDANCE. The point of R.U.G.S is to teach all a person need to know in order to manifest the things in which they need and desire. With most products, the person may teach manifestation, another may teach the power of the brain and tongue, another may teach you how to manifest using “The Laws of Attraction”.

This is what makes R.U.G.S different. In our product packages, you receive all you need to know in regards to manifestation, “The Laws of Attraction”, and how to please God to ensure your wants, needs, desires, and prayers are answered. This saves you money, and keep you from purchasing multiple products from different individuals. All you need to know about manifestation, visualization, the power of the brain and tongue, as well as applying God in your life in one product package.

When you learn all of these things and begin to apply them in your life, you can change your life for the better, and create the life in which you want and desire.




In the song, Big Sean says, “these gold chains I manifested it”.


Kanye West states, “Before I had it I closed my eyes and imagined it”.



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