We as humans fear the unknown. If we had the capability to know what each door had behind it and what each day holds, we would surely take advantage of it not to miss a beep. What we lack is faith and trust. If we were to have faith and believe we would see changes in our life. The changes we actually yearn for and desire.

No matter what science says, science also says that biblical icons were here on our earth with evidence left behind to support this and prove it. If these biblical icons were here, we also know why they were here and who work they were doing. God, the Lord of Host.

We also make the assumption that the scriptures were developed for past generations, and not us. This is not the case. The scriptures states that the word is forever.  Yet and still, we lack understanding and the necessity of Gods word. So much so, we fail to honor it.

I took notice as to how real and alive God is.  Once I began honoring Gods word, I saw my life change in a very limited time.  I began to see blessings poor in my life. God is waiting for us to turn to him and away from our own misguided understanding. His arms are open as he awaits for all his children to seek him whole heartly and hearken unto his voice. Not only his voice, but his word.

Some often wonder the way to heaven which is also in the scriptures. The way is to uphold the commandments and give to the needy and poor. Jesus stated this when asked by a young ruler.

It’s time for a change, and that change is through God.

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