If someone were to ask you when it comes to God or you considered a hypocrite or no you’re not; You walk in his statues and keep and honor the covenant, what’s the answer? Before answering, are you aware of the definition of a hypocrite? At times, we may think we know what something mean, but the definition turns out to be beyond our thoughts.


a person who pretends to have virtues, moralor religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he orshe does not actually possess, especially aperson whose actions belie stated beliefs.

 person who feigns some desirable or publiclyapproved attitude, especially one whose privatelife, opinions, or statements belie his or herpublic statements.

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You may be someone completely unaware of the what the covenant is, or you may be someone who knows, but still, don’t walk complete in its light. The truth is, the covenant is the way to deliverance, repentance, and prosperity on earth, and in heaven. It seems this generation is far from God and Jesus Christ, and need to be found before we find ourselves caught up in what we don’t want to be in due time. In order to find true happiness and freedom, you also need to know this is found in the covenant, as well as in the statues of God and teaching of Christ our Savior.

So, what exactly is the covenant? The covenant is simply “The Ten Commandments”. God mentions the covenant in the doctrine. It is referred to as the covenant with Moses. Also, in the doctrine, a rich ruler ask Jesus Christ the way to eternity and to heaven. Jesus quoted a few of the “Ten Commandments” to the rich ruler. The Ruler replied, “I’ve done that”.  Jesus then told him to sell all his belongings and give to the poor. This, the Ruler was sad about. This shows truly that he had not kept the covenant. His possessions were his pride and joy, this means, that this he idolized, yet God says in “The Ten Commandments”, have no other God before him.

What does this have to do with a hypocrite?

There are so many who promise up and down that they are of God, and they do what’s right. Meaning, they are just and righteous. Yet, so many of us do not honor “The Ten Commandments”. We try, but tend to slip and stray away. Yet, time and time again, we swear that we are of God. How can you be of God without honoring the covenant that is stressed to be honor. I’ve also noticed that there’s churches who preach through grace and mercy you will be saved, but yet, they leave out the important factor which is the covenant. Could this also be why the New Testament is constantly taught, excluding the Old Testament unless referring a scripture. Not only this, in order to have God, you cannot deny Jesus Christ, and many of us deny our savior. Some of us assuming he was never here. It’s funny, scientific evidence proves that Moses was here, and particles found in the Red Sea supports the doctrine. If Moses was here, and such a miraculous event took place, how can we deny God, Jesus, or the scriptures.

Many also believe the scriptures contradict themselves. I agree with this, and that’s due to the fact that we in flesh are corrupt, and the scriptures were corrupted as the world went on. People who were “HEAD, and IN CHARGE”, examined things taking place in the world, and decided in order to control it, change the scriptures. While doing this, they forgot to read the entire bible, and by not doing so, there are contradictions. A way to look at this is the DEAD SEA SCROLLS.

If you’re not familiar with this, it’s scrolls of scriptures. These scrolls are identical to some of the scriptures in the Holy Bible. In these scrolls, it was discovered that Jesus referred to Mary Magdalene as his wife. Yet, we see her as just a prostitute whom demons were cast out of. Not only that, there was a time when a woman who was named an adulterous was caught with someone’s husband, and the people wanted to stone her to death. Yet, Jesus stood and said, “Let he without sin cast the first stone”. At this point, all stones were dropped. And when Jesus looked up, these people were gone. There was another prostitute in the Bible, who hid some of God’s men. She too, was not destroyed.  Can you see how the scriptures were changed. God himself is not a hypocrite, but he is the truth, the light, and the way.  Would he have contradicted his own words in order to confuse us, and leave us clueless on the right path to take? NO WAY, NO HOW.

I have seen God work in my life on many occasions. I have spoke to him, asked questions, and through sings, voice, or scriptures he has sent me to, I’ve found my answer. Since completely walking with God, I have watched my life and luck change for the better in just two months time. Yet, prior to turning to God in my affliction, I continued to be burdened. Once I devoted time and my heart to God, the affliction, oppression, confusion, distress, was lifted from me, and instead, blessing began to rain in. Even at times when I was in major distress, stuck, but kept my faith, without opening my mouth, the blessings came. With prayer, the blessings came. Through tears, the blessings came.


We first need to stop being hypocrites who believe in God, but I guess not his words. Maybe this is the reason we seem to “SAY WE ARE BELIEVERS, BUT AREN’T DOERS”. This too is in the scriptures. God says, “do not be hear sayers of the word, but be doers of the word”. When you actually follow the word, and keep the covenant, you quickly learn how much God can affect your life, and how strong is right hand he emphasizes on is.



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