One day, being curious as to what my favorite songs were talking about, I researched “The Laws of Attraction” and manifestation.  In doing so, I gathered a lot of valuable information, but I also realized valuable information was always left out. Each industry leader I studied from had an additional tip and/or method to utilize when manifesting. I took notes, and practiced each way I had learned. It didn’t take much time for me to realize how easy and real manifesting and “The Laws of Attraction” are. While manifesting, I also came to learn that in order to continue to bring your desires and intentions to reality, you will have to continuously manifest. For me, this became dreading, and I got to the point where I just didn’t care. I was tired of visualization a couple of times a day, I was tired of writing my intentions a few times daily, I was tired of everything but listening to affirmations.

During a time of despair, I remember falling to my knees, my palms pressed against the wall, and I cried out to God. The little voice that has always dwelled within me said, “Open the bible and read”. I had never turned to the bible though I believed in God and Jesus Christ. This night, I was out of options. When I opened the bible, the scripture in front of me as a prayer from the Book Of Psalms. As I read it, I knew without a shadow of a doubt even more than before that God was real, alive, and listening. The scripture was about someone falling to their knees and crying out to God in their affliction. They asked God to open his ear to them, and relieve them of their enemies. The more I read, the more I knew God had sent me to the scripture for courage and to strengthen my face. After that night, I read the entire book of Psalms within a week or two weeks time. After finishing up Psalms, I continued to read the scriptures in the biblical doctrine.

A couple of weeks after deciding to follow Gods commands and keep the covenant, I notice my life begin to change for the better. I went from no job to having a job, I was offered a position I was interested in but was unable to start months prior, My neighbors begin bringing me food without me having to ask for it.  A matter of fact, this happened about one minute after reading a scripture that states, “When you open your heart to God, and keep his commands, he will deliver your needs before you ask. Within a month of committing myself to keep God’s commands, I was blessed with a vehicle. I had been walking for seven months, and the month I turn my ways to God, I was blessed with a car I didn’t ask for. Someone decided to speak to a car salesman for me. Through the blessing and will of God, Lord of Host, the car salesman agreed to give me a vehicle with no money down, and minimum payments of $75 weekly.  It didn’t take much time for me to open my eyes to the fact that true divine and rapid manifestation is through God. God is quoted saying in the scriptures, “What he gives cannot be up rooted”. This takes me back to the point of constantly manifesting multiple times a day, but when God is on your side, even what you think privately will show up in your life. The thing is, your desires cannot be vain. We often think vainly for this is the ways of the flesh, and the ways of God and Jesus Christ are the spirit.

While all of this was taking place in my life, I was also researching my numerology and astrology charts. The deeper I got into God’s word, the more my reading began to make sense. After reading my charts the first couple of times, I felt some of it was off, but most of it was accurate. The fact that I was following God assisted me in opening my eyes, and seeing things with clarity. One of the things I realized was the fact that it was accurate according to my destiny God had laid out for me. Though I wanted to write and make movies, God wanted all my work to be for him, and the way he wanted me to do this work was by teaching. In fact, this is why I’m here today sharing valuable information with you, trying to give you the opportunity of seeing God work miracles in your life as you create the life you desire, and ask God for what you want.

You see, think about it, you always hear people say money don’t buy happiness. You see celebrities have the money, the fame, but seem to sometimes lack love, unable to keep lasting relationships, or just like anyone else, some slip into drug addiction and lose everything. Again, as God was quoted saying, “What he gives cannot be up rooted”. A lot of reason marriages fail is due to the disobedience of the flesh. We tend to fall into sinfulness by committing adultery, coveting, never satisfied with what we have, though we may think we don’t have idols, but anything or anyone we put before God is an idol. For this generation, technology can be an idol.

My goal is to teach you everything you need to know in order to permanently change your life for the better. The only way your life will slip away from you is if you lose yourself in your gain, become prideful, and forget God, the one who has blessed you with it.  If you do your research, you’ll quickly understand how real manifestation is. A matter of fact, I’ve always been someone who felt as if there were real legitimate messages in music, television, and film.  Below, you will find examples and a video link of celebrities talking about using manifestation to get the life they’re living today.


In the song “Blessings” by Big Sean, featuring Drake and Kanye West, there’s a verse when Big Sean says, “These Gold Chains/ I manifested it”.


In the song “Good Life”, Kanye West says, “Before I had it, I closed my eyes and imagined”.






I provided you with proof of what manifestation can do for you in order to give you encouragement and the desire to want more for yourself. We are all in control of our lives, but the thing is, when we use this for the betterment of all in order to please God, Lord of Host, and Jesus Christ, the blessings are abundant, and better than what anyone on earth can give. When you please God, you are wealthy on earth and in heaven. When you manifest with God, and are truly new and reborn in your ways, it won’t take you five years to manifest. The manifestations of your prayers and meditations will be made to you almost immediately. God is the most powerful of all things.

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