If you’re manifesting, and following the laws of attraction, but it isn’t working for you. You want to ensure you are incorporating the cosmic laws which are imperative for balance. In order to manifest anything at all, you have to achieve balance and harmony. It is through balance and harmony that you’re able to create. You cannot manifest when in a negative mode. All you will do is manifest more of that negativity more rapidly than you manifest the positive creation you’re after.

Learning and applying the cosmic laws to your life can assist you in manifesting more rapidly, and can also assist in eliminating karma by helping you understand it. When you learn to take heed to sign being presented to you, you’re better able  to interpret the signs being given. You will be able to listen to the cosmic laws and see where they apply in your life. If you become aware of the laws of attraction as well as the cosmic laws, you will manifest with true divinity and no limitations to your creation. You will also have the knowledge to prevent yourself from losing all that you’ve built.

If you understand the cosmic laws, and learn to prevent the karma due to take place in your life by changing the things that need to be changed, you’ll do yourself a huge karmic favor. According to the karmic laws, you continue to live lifetime after lifetime until you erase all your karma, and learn all life lessons you were due to learn. Several people probably assume you are granted one life, and this is it, and there are those who have always believed in reincarnation.  If we know that the universal laws are in fact true, and it is scientifically proven that manifestation works, than the cosmic laws must in fact be just as real and just as true.


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