This will be a very short post.

Think of a time you’ve prayed, or spoke to yourself about something you wanted, or a burden you had. Now think if there’s ever been a time where mysterious help, or a mysterious solution surfaced in your life? This was God working.

If you do research, you’ll learn that there’s actual scientific evidence of biblical accounts, as well as biblical figures. The only way the accounts would have happened, and the only way those figures would have existed is through God.

There’s also the “Dead Sea Scrolls”, in which I love using as an example. Of these exist, and show that Jesus exist, than we know that Jesus worked through God. Therefore, God does exist.

There is proof of the parting of the “Red Sea”, as well as other biblical accounts. Was the parting of the “Red Sea” not the act of God delivering his people?

We breathe oxygen from trees and plants. This is beautiful, and divinely created. Humanity can create a lot, but creating a world, and being so clever as to have trees be the way of life, is not something man could create.


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