R.U.G.S stands for Religion, Universe, God, and Spirituality. Several individuals of humanity attempt to separate these four creations, laws, and information. The truth is, they are all one. Realizing this, learning the laws, and applying the laws of each can lead to extreme rewards. You can’t have one without the other without a sacrafice not of this world. When it comes to God realization through religion, the biggest sacrafice you may see is humility. Understand that God also notes that through great humility is honour. This fact is noted in Psalms.

Scientist have also tried to eliminate God from the manifestation, law of attraction, and universal and cosmic law equation. This is impossible. If God is all that is, and he is creator of all things, how can you subtract him from his own creation. Scientist also declare that there is no God. This too would be impossible. If there was no God, there would be no evidence of the “Dead Sea Scrolls”, in which are missing bible chapters. If there was no God, how was evidence of biblical figures found? If there is no God, how is there evidence of the parting of the “Red Sea”. Each of these mentioned are linked to God. Therefore, God is more than real. You can have him, feel him, and sense him if you’d learn to become still, silent, investigative, and wise.

R.U.G.S will guide you to abundance, fulfillment, and happiness in all areas and aspects of your life, utilizing multiple life changing methods through imperative articles, newsletters, ebooks, blog post, lectures, video presentations and webinars, as well as various product offers in relation to R.U.G.S, and what it stands for.


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